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Click on the link above to compliment an officer for outstanding performance. 

As with any job, employees are expected to do a good job, so supervisors receive complaints far more than compliments. However, employees (as well as the Chief) love to hear from citizens who appreciate a good job.  If you feel an officer performed exceptionally, let us know. That compliment goes into their permanent personnel file. 

This form for compliments is not REQUIRED, but will help guide you through the information needed. You may also simply drop us an email or letter.

Click on the link above to write a written complaint on an officer.

Download the form, fill it out, and sign and notarize it. Then you can email, fax, or deliver the complaint to the Chief of Police. All complaints must be signed and filled out completely (required by Texas Law). All properly signed complaints will be investigated, and reviewed by the Chief of Police.

You MAY prefer to call the police department and report minor misconduct to a supervisor. For example, an officer was rude to you and all you want is a supervisor to address the behavior.

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