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Message from the Chief

2020 is just around the corner folks. Where did this year

go? As we wrap up this year, take a moment to be thankful

for all that we have here in Giddings. Our biggest concerns

from citizens are traffic related issues. Not murders and

robberies like many other communities. With our small

police department we do our best to keep our communities

safe. Do we do everything right? I don't think that's even

possible. We we strive to do our best to do the right thing.

When we make mistakes, we learn from them and keep

moving forward.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays around the

corner, we will be implementing new ideas and strategies

to help keep you safe. But here is where you can help. If you

see or hear something suspicious, please call us. Don't

"wait to see what happens" or post it on Facebook first... CALL US.  I would rather send an officer to a hundred calls that turn

out to be nothing, than to not go on that one call that could have prevented someone from getting hurt.  We are here to serve you. We are proud to call ourselves YOUR police department.