Message from the Chief

A new year and a new decade is upon us. It’s a chance for new

beginnings for most.  The Giddings Police Department, and myself,

hope that you have a safe and prosperous new year.


As a police department, we are always looking for ways to improve

our services. Being a small town, we have limited resources, but

then that’s true of any public service in some proportion or another.

We do our best to provide the services you expect from your police.

We have been shorthanded much of the year. You wouldn’t notice

because the officers are working overtime on their days off to

ensure that our presence is unaffected. However, they get tired and

need their time off. I would like to hire more, but budgets haven’t

allowed this. We are now full-staffed, but still have two officers in



My policing style is to be proactive. I don’t believe a police

department should just wait for crime and then investigate it. We

need to be able to do so when needed. We have added a second detective to our staff to ensure crimes are followed up on properly. I believe we should also do whatever we can to prevent crime. Patrol is one of those deterrents. When people see police cars a lot, and see them stopping cars a lot, it is a deterrent to crime. A burglar in Houston once told me that he would never break into a house in Jersey Village. “Those cops stop everybody.”

Some people think we stop cars as a source of revenue. This is absolutely false. My philosophy is, our job is to gain compliance with traffic laws, not generate revenue. So when officers stop a car, they should ask themselves, what would it take to change the driver’s behavior? A warning? A citation? Arrest? The fact is, the police department gets zero dollars from traffic fines. The city gets a small portion, but most of the fine goes to the State and the Court. It is also interesting to note that Giddings officers only write citations on around 30-40% of the traffic stops. We issue way more warnings than citations.


Giddings PD is YOUR police department. We are not perfect and we certainly make mistakes. I am not afraid to admit it and not afraid to correct them. If you have any suggestions on how you think we can serve you better, please let me know. It is wonderful to live in a city where traffic offenses are our biggest problem. Meanwhile, in other cities they are dealing with murder, robbery, and rape on a daily basis. We are very privileged to work in a city like Giddings, where we receive the utmost support from the community.


God bless you in 2020.